20 ways to make running a ‘Hybrid’ Volunteer Appreciation Event easier

31 May 2023

Volunteers are the heart and at the heart of many communities and organisations across North Yorkshire.

Volunteers’ Week, which runs annually from 1 – 7 June, is an annual celebration of the contribution millions of people make across the UK by volunteering in their communities. It offers a fantastic opportunity to thank and celebrate current volunteers and to inspire future volunteers.

We are aware that many organisations are already planning a volunteer appreciation event, perhaps even their first face-to-face one since Covid, or an event taking place remotely. Running a ‘hybrid’ event where volunteers can join in person or online offers the potential for more people to get involved. Here are some tips on running such an event:

In advance:
  • Wherever possible involve volunteers in planning and delivering the event
  • Ask staff and service users to provide quotes about the difference volunteers make (i.e. “We appreciate you because….”) and have these available to share on the day
  • Prepare an appreciation card (and perhaps a small gift) that can be given to those attending with maybe an electronic card for those joining remotely on the day.
On the day:
  • Have people available to not only welcome volunteers in person but also someone available to welcome those joining online
  • It’s also good to have someone who can offer IT support in advance of the event and on the day.
Don’t forget to:
  • Test all of the equipment in advance
  • Test the live streaming in the venue before the event
  • Ensure that everyone can hear the sound online
  • Turn on the cameras of the volunteers online (if they agree) so people can see them and they can see those in the room
  • Arrange the camera so the presenter is looking at people in the room and those online.
In terms of content, there are several things you might consider offering:
  • An overview or update on the impact volunteers make on your organisation (numbers and stories)
  • An organisational update with the opportunity for a Q & A with your Chief Officer and Chair of the Board
  • Many service user stories, collected in advance of the event (make sure you gain permission to share)
  • Interactive activities – quizzes, and chair-based exercises that people in the room and online can take part in. Feedback tools such as Slido or Menti can be used in a room and by those online (if you’re using these, you may need to send out instructions before the event)
  • Use the opportunity to ask your volunteers to share their favourite volunteer moments (in person or on a post-it note).
To make the event as immersive as possible for those online:
  • Record the event as a webinar so people can join in real-time or watch it as a recording
  • Offer an online chat facility and Q & A function and have someone who can respond to these
  • Offer a virtual interactive whiteboard so people can post thoughts and comments.

Make sure you have a backup plan in place in case any of your key support staff are unavailable at short notice.

You may also like to take and share a video of the day for those unavailable to join you and share this via your website and social media (with appropriate permissions in place).

Whether you’re planning a garden party, picnic, celebration meal, or hybrid event we hope you have a wonderful Volunteers’ Week.

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