5 things you should know about community building hire agreements

26 October 2022

If you were renting out your property, you would very sensibly ask potential tenants to sign a rental agreement. It’s common practice to have one so that both parties know what is expected of them.

The same applies to hiring out your village hall – having a hire agreement is an important part of protecting your vital community asset.

  1. 1. Why you need a hire agreement

Whenever a community building or village hall management committee hires out any part of its premises, it is important to have a written agreement in place so that both the management committee and the hirer know their rights and responsibilities.

  1. 2. Start by putting together a hiring policy

This should include a summary of all the decisions the management committee makes about the various aspects of hiring out your building. You should revise and review your policy regularly to keep it up to date and relevant.

  1. 3. What to include in a hiring policy

Your policy should include an explanation of the booking secretary’s role and responsibilities; when discounts or special rates for hirers are available; information about bookings, such as ensuring that hirers book enough time for setting up and clearing away; any other issues, such as whether to charge for village consultations or public meetings.

When you have your policy in place, you can then move onto drafting the hire agreement.

  1. 4. What to include in your hire agreement

The hire agreement should have two parts.

Part one includes the details specific to a particular booking and part two describes the standard conditions of hire which are the same for all bookings.

Having a comprehensive agreement which is signed by hall representatives and the hiring organisation before an event should ensure those using the building fully understand the requirements of the management committee.

  1. 5. Where to find out more about hire agreements

If you want to find out more about what to include in the hiring policy and agreement for your community building, come along to one of our Community Building Network meetings in November. These meetings are for trustees managing community buildings across North Yorkshire and give you a chance to ask questions and share good practice with others in a similar role.