Empowering Trustees: navigating the landscape with Community First Yorkshire

30 October 2023
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A chronicle of Support, Guidance, and Purpose

Greetings esteemed trustees. As Trustees’ Week (6-10 November) approaches, we at Community First Yorkshire wish to extend our hand in support, embracing this year’s theme: Many voices. Working together. With purpose.

To get ready for next week, here’s my run down of the Trustee Survival Arsenal:

  1. Grant Acquisition Expertise: our dedicated team possesses a wealth of experience in grant procurement. Allow us to assist you in identifying and securing the financial resources your organisation requires to thrive.
  2. Mastery of Governance Frameworks: navigating the legal and regulatory intricacies of trusteeship can be formidable. Rely on our seasoned professionals to provide you with the guidance and tools necessary to navigate this complex landscape.
  3. Strategic Marketing Prowess: effective outreach and engagement are pivotal in furthering your charitable objectives. Our specialists are poised to equip you with the skills needed to amplify your organisation’s message and impact.
  4. Volunteer Management Proficiency: volunteers are the lifeblood of any charity. Allow us to empower you in the recruitment, training, and retention of dedicated individuals who share in your vision.
  5. Organisational Health Assessment: a robust charity necessitates periodic evaluation. Our team stands ready to conduct a comprehensive assessment, ensuring your organisation’s continued vitality.

To access your free support from us, simply complete our online enquiry form, or call 01904 704177 or email us.

By Andy Shield, Development Officer at Community First Yorkshire.