Forget Black Friday, we always have a great deal!

22 November 2023

This Black Friday, we’re reaching out to all voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations in North Yorkshire. We’ve got a deal that’ll make you smile like any shopper walking down a freshly stocked discount aisle.

Picture this: aisles filled with tailored support, shelves stocked with invaluable resources, and racks bursting with networking opportunities – all yours for the taking and absolutely free! So, there’s no need to queue or scramble for this one-day-only offer because thanks to funding from North Yorkshire Council and NHS North Yorkshire and we have a great offer every day.

Training Galore: Need to sharpen those skills? We’ve got you covered with an abundance of training sessions tailored just for you. From digital marketing mastery to grant-writing wizardry, we’re here to empower your team.

Networking Nirvana: Connect, collaborate, and conquer with our vibrant networks. Rub shoulders with like-minded people, exchange ideas, and achieve the support network you’ve always dreamed of.

Resource Wonderland: Dive into our treasure trove of resources, where a wealth of information and guidance awaits. From toolkits to templates, consider it your personal toolkit for success.

This Black Friday, skip the chaos and treat yourself to something that will really help improve your skills – delivered with a smile and a helping hand.

Mark your calendars, spread the word, and let this Black Friday be the day you bag the best deal of all – empowerment, growth, and community development – all at no cost and just a click away.

Visit our Community Support North Yorkshire website today.