Rothwell Social Prescribing

6 July 2023

Miranda Foster is our Rothwell Community Builder and is working alongside individuals and groups to showcase the best of Rothwell. Her aim is to encourage more people to get involved in developing new activities, relationships, events and ideas. Miranda has been chatting to some of the amazing local social prescribers about what they do to support people in Rothwell

Let’s celebrate the fantastic work of the NHS and the social prescribers who work in the Rothwell area.

GPs, nurses and other primary care professionals use social prescribing to refer someone to activities, groups and services in their community that can help with their health and wellbeing.

Social prescribing can support people to reconnect socially with others. Activities could be anything from local craft making and walking groups, to food growing projects and local support groups for people with chronic conditions.

Selina is one of our wonderful Social Prescribers and is helping to organise the Rothwell Springhead Park parkrun for the NHS 75th anniversary celebrations on 15 July. Here she gives an insight into Health Coaching and what she does for local residents on a day-to-day basis:

Health Coaching allows you the time and space to think about a change and unlock your skills to move forward and achieve your goals. It aims to help you make healthy behaviour changes, such as if you have diabetes and encourages people to become more active in their health and care.

“A health coach will help you think about how you can reach your goals and what matters most to you.

“Health Coaching gives you 45-60mins of time to discuss what is important to you and what you would like to change. You can also have further sessions to help you stay accountable to your goals. Just contact if you are interested in making that change.”

Michaela Auty is another Social Prescriber for the area. Here are her comments on the role that both she and Hayley do:

“The Primary Care Network (PCN) social prescribers are working within the community to deliver a personalised service to those experiencing social isolation, low mood, financial, housing, and employment related issues.

“Currently working alongside Linking Leeds to reduce the local waiting list, the PCN social prescribers can conduct home visits to patients who are housebound due to medical, social anxiety and frailty issues, ensuring that people can feel relaxed and heard in the comfort of their own homes.

“Social Prescribers can provide appointments to patients for up to an hour, and will work with people for as long as needed, providing a light touch, or more intensive support.

“Hayley, another social prescriber, and myself frequently attend the local groups and facilities in the area to identify and bridge the gaps of what the communities and patients need and want.

“You can be referred to the social prescribing service by talking to a member of your GP practice or completing an online request via PATCHS.”

More good news stories

My aim is to fill my blog with good news stories and all the positive things that are happening in Rothwell.

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