Community Anchor Organisation – Invitation to Bid

23 February 2023

North Yorkshire Council’s Stronger Communities’ Programme is looking to partner with and invest in a network of Community Anchor Organisations. Grants of £15,000 a year for up to 3 years are available from April 2023 for place rooted organisations, based in principal service towns or centres.

The Council is seeking to partner with one Community Anchor Organisation for each of the 32 places listed in the invitation to bid guidance.

Community Anchor Organisations should be established local organisations, those who share their experience, contacts, resources, knowledge and expertise with other local organisations.

Community Anchor Organisations should listen to those working in communities and share information. They will bring people together and help communities and organisations develop, collaborate and influence the decisions that affect their communities, building on strengths and alliances.

This investment is intended to support organisations capacity to further develop their role as a trusted, place based ‘system partner’, who is well placed to further strengthen local relationships and who routinely works with other local partners to improve community well being and resilience.

Community Anchors will already be delivering services that contribute to two or more of the areas listed below. Potential applicants should already be delivering a range of services which are funded in a variety of ways.

  • Building local partnerships and alliances to deliver services.
  • Improving physical and mental wellbeing and reducing health inequalities.
  • Regeneration of their communities.
  • Building community resilience.
  • Improving people’s financial resilience.

The Programme is looking for organisations to:

  • Increase community resilience for both good times and in emergency situations.
  • Increase local capacity to deliver services by utilising local partnerships and alliances.
  • Create or support opportunities for more residents to be involved in place based social action which contributes to the five ways to wellbeing (Connect; Be Active; Take Notice; Keep Learning; Give).

Completed application forms should be emailed to

Deadline for applications is 20 March 2023.