Community First Yorkshire joins other small charities in calling on the Prime Minister for greater recognition

23 June 2023

Community First Yorkshire has joined over 1,000 small charities and voluntary sector supporters in writing to the Prime Minister, urging him to recognise the vital role they play in communities across the country. The letter has been delivered to Number 10 yesterday (Thursday 22 June 2023) as part of Small Charity Week, which aims to highlight the need for greater support for small charities, which make up 96% of charities in the UK.

The letter warns that demand continues to grow for the work of small charities who are facing cost of living pressures, on top of the challenges of the pandemic and the last ten years of austerity. It calls on the Prime Minister to meet the Small Charities Advisory Board.

Sarah Vibert, CEO of NCVO – the membership body for charities and volunteers in England – said: “The recent crises faced by this country have shown just how important small charities are, and the amazing services they provide in local areas.

“Small charities have said they need decision makers and funders to tackle funding contracts ensuring they’re proper and fair. And for the public to help with donations and volunteers. We need to rally behind small charities and give them the support they have so willingly shown us.”

Jane Colthup, Chief Executive of Community First Yorkshire, said: “As the MP for Richmond, the Prime Minister will be more than aware of the vital contribution that the more than 11,0001 small charities and community groups in North Yorkshire make to supporting local people.

“We are inviting the Prime Minister to visit small charities in order to fully understand the critical role these organisations play. We urge him to provide more support to the voluntary sector who are feeling under increasing pressure due to the demands for services they are facing.”

[1] Source: CharityBase