Council review of polling districts and stations

16 October 2023
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Please share your experiences with North Yorkshire Council to help shape the future of voting in North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire Council is conducting a review of its polling districts and polling stations.

They have made draft recommendations for polling stations in each area.

There are 888 proposed voting locations across North Yorkshire to be used for voting during elections.

The council is asking for your views on their proposals between Monday 16 October and Monday 13 November and are particularly interested in hearing from you if you find it challenging to travel to and/or access your local polling station.

The proposed polling districts and designated polling stations can be viewed at

This consultation will help the council understand your experience of using polling stations in your area and the feedback you give will be shared with our councillors.

Please fill in the survey here no later than Monday 13 November.  You can also request a paper survey other accessible formats by emailing or ringing 0300 131 2131 and say ‘Polling District Consultation’ when prompted.

Please share your experiences with the council to help shape the future of voting in North Yorkshire, and tell your colleagues, friends, and family to do the same!