Financial Wellbeing Week

25 January 2023

Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership are hosting a financial wellbeing week from 30 January (open to all staff and volunteers in health and care) with a number of webinars taking place including:

  • Managing the Cost-of-Living Increase – With the increase in energy bills, food and other essential living costs this year, many of us are going to feel the effect on our finances. To hear what support is available and the top tips you should follow to manage your money effectively, join this  webinar.
  • Healthy Eating on a Budget – The rising cost of living means we are all looking to save money and food is a major part of our budget. This interactive workshop leaves no stone unturned, inspiring attendees to try new approaches to meal planning, ingredient choices and food preparation. Eating on a budget doesn’t have to mean dull, repetitive or unhealthy meals. On the contrary with some ideas, creativity and smart planning, anyone can eat well while saving money.
  • Money Saving Tips – With the rising living costs this year it’s going to be more important than ever to make sure we’re money savvy. Join this webinar to hear the latest money saving tips for energy, food, travel and life’s nice to haves!
  • Helping with Debt – Most people borrow money to manage their finances whether it’s a mortgage, finance agreement, loan or credit card. But how can you make sure debt doesn’t build up to a level where it starts to affect your health and wellbeing? This webinar is designed to give you lots of ideas and practical advice to help improve your money management.

There will be more financial wellbeing webinars taking place in the coming months including:

  • Your Relationship with Money
  • Managing Money on Divorce and Separation
  • Money and Pay in the UK for Employees from Overseas
  • Your Money Timeline and Being Better with Money at Christmas

To secure your place on any of these webinars/workshops please visit this page.

There are also opportunities coming up for a ‘financial wellbeing’ one to one with a financial coach from the independent financial education firm ‘Better with Money’.  These one to ones are aimed at helping you to take control of your personal finances and reducing money stress. They aim to give you the tools and knowledge to take action around your personal finances. The experts can discuss various topics, such as budgeting, saving, debt, pensions, benefits, protection insurance, home-buying and investing. If you are interested in a one to one, please email