Helping Richmondshire Heat, Eat and Meet event

27 June 2022

Tennants Auction Rooms, Leyburn
Friday 1 July 2022, 10am-3pm

Prompted by soaring energy and food costs, Richmondshire Climate Action Partnership is hosting an event at Tennants, Leyburn on Friday 1 July.

The purpose of the event is to draw together organisations, charities and individuals who can provide our community with information, advice and support at a time when some local people, still recovering from the impact of the pandemic, are wrestling with difficult financial pressures and others are looking at ways to become more self-sufficient in energy generation and food production.

The event has four themes:

  • Community support organisations – what they provide and how to access their service
  • Energy – help for those experiencing fuel poverty, advice on renewable energy options and community energy projects
  • Food – food banks and food share schemes, how to eat cheaply by healthily, how to start growing your own, and how to set up a community garden
  • Transport and travel – car share schemes, e-bikes and scooters, electric vehicles and public transport services

Admission is free to everyone and it is hoped that the event will appeal to those in need of immediate support, those who care for people in need of support, those who are considering changing their approach to energy, food or transport, and those who may wish to become involved in helping or donating to support organisations.

For further information about the event see or contact Mike Sparrow on 07721 886254 or by email