Let’s Talk: Devolution

12 November 2022
Let’s Talk: what do you want to see for North Yorkshire from devolution?

Residents across York and North Yorkshire are being given the chance to help shape the region’s economic future that could bring benefits for generations to come.

A consultation has been launched to give residents, community groups and businesses as well as academic institutions, charities and voluntary organisations the chance to share their views on a proposed devolution deal for York and North Yorkshire.

The Let’s Talk conversation continues with an invitation to people across York and North Yorkshire to help shape the region’s economic future by having your say on what is important to you locally in the Let’s Talk conversation at their Let’s Talk events. The events include Let’s Talk Local, Let’s Talk Devolution and Let’s Talk Money and run through December.

North Yorkshire County Council would particularly like to hear from the following groups:

  • Youth groups and forums (16-29 particularly)
  • People who are not in employment
  • Young people who are not in employment, education or training
  • The disability forum
  • Groups working with people with social and/or health inequalities
  • Patient forums.
What is Devolution?

Devolution is a key policy of the Government, handing over decision-making powers to local political leaders and providing millions of pounds in funding to shape hugely important policies and projects on a regional level.

The draft deal offers devolved powers and millions of pounds in funding to provide better roads and public transport, improve education and job opportunities, boost economic growth and places York and North Yorkshire at the forefront of the green energy sector to tackle climate change. It has the potential to tackle regional inequalities by not only reducing the North-South divide nationally, but also helping to resolve economic differences between urban and rural areas.


Residents are also set to be given the chance to elect a mayor to champion the region at a national level and to help to ensure the Government delivers on commitments to level up opportunities in York and North Yorkshire.

The mayor, who would be elected in May 2024 if the proposed deal comes to fruition, would lead a new combined authority that would oversee key strategic projects ranging from major transport improvements to providing more affordable housing and boosting skills and education for York and North Yorkshire.

A mayoral combined authority would mirror similar arrangements that are already in place in areas including the Tees Valley and West Yorkshire.
Key areas of focus for the new mayoral combined authority would include unlocking additional investment for the region and supporting businesses as well as growing the economy and improving employment opportunities. They would also oversee projects to build better digital and transport connections, along with providing more affordable housing and supporting action to reduce harmful carbon emissions, which contribute to climate change. Councils representing the City of York and North Yorkshire will remain, working to deliver vital services to residents.

Find out more about the proposed devolution deal and take part in the consultation, which runs until Friday 16 December.