Helping organisations and groups to grow

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Helping voluntary and community groups, social enterprises and charities to thrive by developing essential business skills is an important part of our representative role.

North Yorkshire VCSE Leaders Group

The group exists to enable a continuing and trusted dialogue on strategic issues between influential organisations. It will share intelligence to influence and effect change.

The aims of the group are:

  • To identify priorities and common positions on matters of mutual interest, so that these can be reflected to decision-making organisations in other sectors
  • To influence the decisions of key bodies in other sectors, in the interests of communities
  • To contribute to papers and topics being discussed at other meetings
  • To support the production and shared implementation of the sector and other strategies and plans
  • To oversee the development and management of sector-specific projects and initiatives as appropriate
  • To be alert to contract and funding opportunities as they arise, and plan opportunities for joint-bidding where appropriate.

Please take a look at the group’s Terms of Reference for further information.

North Yorkshire VCSE Leaders Group meetings: agendas, meeting notes and useful information

29 February 2024

Voluntary groups and charity leaders are invited to share views and contribute to developments.

The agenda included:

30 November 2023

  • Meeting notes
  • VCSE climate change update (presentation)
  • NYSPF People and Skills presentation
  • Adult Safeguarding and wider concerns about children and young people’s safety – update and actions to note
  • Breakthrough progress update from the Workforce Board
  • North Yorkshire Volunteering Strategy
  • Focus on Climate Change – strategies and plans: York and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership and North Yorkshire Council plans and taking feedback on the way forward, challenges and sharing insights; North Yorkshire Recycling Network and creating wider connections, toolkits, resources, policies and development opportunities
  • North Yorkshire UK Shared Prosperity Fund 2022/25 – overview and discussion of the People and Skills Programme launched in September
  • Working with health – Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership Our People Strategy and Humber and North Yorkshire workforce transformation Breakthrough Programme 23/24; North Yorkshire VCSE Health and Care Assembly update and messages to share
  • Cost of living impact on organisations and people the sector is working with Thriving Communities Partnership October meeting update, including further steps for revising the North Yorkshire VCSE/Public Sector Compact.

31 August 2023

25 May 2023

23 February 2023

  • Agenda: adult safeguarding update and areas of significant risk; cost of living crisis discussion of the current impact; Community First Yorkshire VCSE and Partner Survey discussion – developing further support for: collaboration/partnership working; climate change/reducing carbon footprint; defining, measuring and reporting on outcomes and impact; workforce health and wellbeing; succession planning, developing young talent, and leadership and management also being discussed and taken forward by the VCSE Leadership Hub Steering Group; North Yorkshire UK Shared Prosperity Fund 2022/25 and project overviews; working with health, Place Planning and engagement in health system structures.
  • Meeting notes
  • Useful links and supporting information: North Yorkshire UK Shared Prosperity Fund 2022/25 Prospectus

17 November 2022

  • Agenda: impact of the cost of living crisis and support available in North Yorkshire; adult safeguarding update; development of a North Yorkshire VCSE Health and Care Assembly; North Yorkshire Thriving Communities Partnership; North Yorkshire UK Shared Prosperity Fund 2022/23 and 2023/25.
  • Meeting notes

18 August 2022

19 May 2022

  • Agenda: sharing approaches to managing the continued Covid threat; cost pressures; Local Government Review; NHS and public health structures; plans for a VCSE Assembly; reshaping the VCSE Leaders Group.
  • Meeting notes
  • Useful links and supporting information: meeting notes from the Thriving Communities Partnership meeting (7 March), Public Health Framework presentation, Thriving Communities presentation plus a presentation about the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF).

17 February 2022

18 November 2021

  • Agenda: workforce issues and pressures; North Yorkshire County Council recommissioning model for the delivery of day services; Yorkshire Funding Ecology Report; Climate Change – future proofing organisations; Safeguarding update; Local intelligence sharing; Local Government Reorganisation and NHS Integrated Care Group structure changes.
  • Meeting Notes
  • Useful links and supporting information: a presentation about the Yorkshire Funding Ecology Report; West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership resilience hub

19 August 2021

  • Agenda: NYCC Health and Adult Services Transformation; Leadership and Workforce Wellbeing; York and North Yorkshire LEP – Skills and communities project ideas NY Safeguarding Adults Board and Sub-groups; Local intelligence sharing.
  • Meeting Notes
  • Useful links and supporting information: Humber, Coast & Vale Health Care Partnership resilience hub; West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership resilience hub; Humber Local Enterprise Partnership Employment and Skills Strategy

20 May 2021

24 February 2021

  • Agenda: York & North Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum; Place Based VCSE Leaders Groups; West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health Care Partnership and Humber Coast and Vale Health Care Partnership.
  • Meeting Notes
  • Useful links and supporting information: North Yorkshire Resilience Forum; Community First Yorkshire’s response to the NHS Integrated Care Next Steps consultation

Leadership Hub

Whether you’re an experienced leader, new in post, aspiring to a future leadership role – or just want to develop a leadership approach – our Leadership Hub (which is located on our Community Support North Yorkshire website) will point you to courses and programmes that can support the path you choose.

Look at our latest leadership events and programmes, explore our resources and join the North Yorkshire VCS Leaders’ network to help shape the hub.

York and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership

Engagement with the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is at various levels informally and formally. Voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector colleagues are on the LEP Main Board. The Skills Board is a sub-committee of the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Board and leads on the LEP’s policy relating to enhancing skills and increasing productivity and employment. Sam Alexander, CEO of Better Connect and Laura Mason, Chief Executive of NYBEP, are the voluntary sector representatives who sit on this board.

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