Raising the rural voice

rural village with phone box

An advocate for rural issues

As one of the 39 Rural Community Councils (RCC) across England which are overseen by national body Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE), we have a rural advocacy and support service which is funded by Defra.

Our aim is that rural issues and the ‘rural voice’ are heard, acknowledged and addressed by the decision and policymakers at all levels of government.

Government at national, regional and local levels regularly issue policy statements that have a potential impact on rural Yorkshire. We work with other RCCs to link with Government, share local intelligence and develop shared resources, through the sector body Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE).

Our work with communities means that we are well-positioned to influence and advocate on current and future service provision.

Feedback from communities is really important to our work. If you have a concern in your area, let us know as this helps us to build a bigger picture.

To get in touch, please email Caroline O’Neill, Head of Policy and Partnerships Caroline.O’Neill@communityfirstyorkshire.org.uk .