Bringing digital connectivity to rural North Yorkshire

hands using mobile phone in a field
Digital Inclusion Networking Project

Could your service be improved by users connecting with you online? Are you looking to enhance your digital services in some way and would like some support?

We are working alongside Humber and Wolds Rural Action to create a Digital Inclusion Network covering the whole of the Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board. The area stretches along the east coast from Scarborough to Cleethorpes and along both banks of the Humber and incorporates the cities of Hull and York. The area also covers rural areas across East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire.

The Network is bringing digital inclusion representatives together from across the voluntary, community and social enterprises sector (VCSE), the public sector and the private sector. Our aim is to support and empower people to improve their levels of care and create a healthier population by getting them online so that they can access care and information.

We’re helping organisations that support a variety of people – from refugees, to people in need of care and medical support – to get them online or increase their digital knowledge. Such a step will help them to apply for jobs online, access health and care services, or simply connect with their families.

How can the Network help your organisation?

If your organisation has individual service users who may benefit from being online or being more digitally savvy:

Network members are kept up to date with digital inclusion developments in our monthly enewsletter. As a member, you’ll be invited to events where we showcase good practices, encourage collaboration, offer training, and hear from exciting speakers.

What does the Digital Inclusion Network do?

Through the online weekly meetings, emails and monthly enewsletter, we support the Network to:

  • consider the Core Principles for Digital Inclusion from the Integrated Health and Care Partnership
  • share best practice, tools and resources
  • celebrate stories of digital inclusion such as Digital Health Hubs
  • highlight digital exclusion so that barriers to digital usage can be addressed
  • identify the barriers faced by niche communities of interest
  • consider the needs of those who will never be able or willing to become digitally included
  • encourage the recruitment and use of digital champions/buddies/mentors/friends
  • ensure duplication is avoided and work to plug gaps in services.

Michael Fletcher |  | 01904 704177