Hear straight from the horse's mouth why people volunteer

Group of volunteers in a circle all looking down at the camera

Community First Yorkshire talk volunteering; why, how and what do you need to know?

Episode 1: Bridge between funders and charities

‘There is always a person at the end of this piece of work’.

Leah Furniss, development officer for Community First Yorkshire, tells us about her volunteering for Two Ridings Community Foundation, why she does it, any challenges that arise and busts some preconceptions on volunteering!

Episode 2: Team Rubicon and helping locally

“I am in a position to help someone else”.

Listen to Dewi Winkle talk about how his background influenced his decision to volunteer and how anyone can make a difference in their community, no matter how small.

Episode 3: Neighbourly support to ease loneliness

“I just see it as friendship”

Hilary describes how helping a neighbour out has made a meaningful difference in their lives and how one small gesture can help tackle loneliness.