Steps you and your community can take to take action on climate change

Protecting our environment by taking action on climate change is important.

This toolkit brings together simple to understand and useful resources to help individuals, communities and charitable organisations take steps to reduce their environmental impact and tackle climate change at a local level.

Understanding climate change

What is climate change and how might it affect my community?

The BBC has produced a number of quick and easy to read guides to help you understand what climate change is, how climate change might affect your community and why taking action is important.

Taking action


Small changes undertaken by lots of people can have a big impact. Thinking about how we as individuals use energy and resources, changing our behaviour, and reducing what we use does make a difference.

Communities and groups

Join with your neighbours to take action in your local community against climate change. Acting together you can access additional support and apply for funding to create change in your local area; protecting your community for future generations.

Setting up a group
Getting your community on board
Taking action
Find local groups taking environmental action

You can also find your nearest Climate Action Group here.


See the ‘Stories‘ section below to see what others have done.

Further support and information can be found in the ‘Next steps’ section below.

Voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector

Climate change is strongly linked to social inequality. In Yorkshire, the UK and abroad, it will be the poorest communities that are most adversely affected by climate change. Charitable organisations need to consider what they can do alongside their day to day work to take action against climate change.

Policy and procedures
Climate action pledge
Taking action

See what others have done in the ‘Stories’ section below.

Further support and information can be found in ‘Next steps’ below.

Applying for funding

Where do you find and apply for the money you need to fund your ideas, projects and initiatives?

Your charity, voluntary or community group might be very experienced in fundraising and securing funding, or you may be brand new to it. Whatever your level of experience, our Funding Toolkit contains resources, stories and advice on how to get support with all your funding needs, including how to request a bespoke funding search, carry out your own funding search and register to receive our monthly Funding Bulletin.

If you are a voluntary or community organisation or a social enterprise in North Yorkshire the Community Support North Yorkshire team can work with you to understand your grant funding needs, check you are eligible and direct you to suitable grants. We can also be a critical friend during the application process.

Resources to browse through now:

Take a look at our ‘Next steps’ section below for further ideas and support.


Be inspired

Be inspired by what other people, groups, projects and workplaces have done. Hear and read their stories, find out about the positive impact they have had, the challenges they have faced and their top tips for your own action.

For more information on our Climate Action study undertaken in North York Moors National Park and Scarborough, including information on groups take climate action in that area, please click here.

Local projects
Blogs and case studies

Find further support and information in the ‘Next Steps’ section below.

Next steps

Support for voluntary and community organisations

If you’re a voluntary or community organisation or a social enterprise in North Yorkshire there is a wealth of support and advice that we can offer you.

Our Community Support and Volunteering North Yorkshire teams have a wide range of expertise available to help you to grow your project or organisation.

However large or small, we are here to help. Visit Community Support North Yorkshire to find out more.

Find out more

The following are all large national and international organisations leading on climate change education and action.