Rural affordable housing. Does it really matter?

6 July 2023

Have a read of this guest blog for Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE) from Margaret Clark, President of ACRE and Chair of the Rural Coalition, on the need for affordable housing in rural communities.

We really like that it mentions the right homes being built in the right places:

“At the moment, we have a housing crisis in the countryside. Too many homes of the wrong sort are being built. There is widespread concern that they are predominantly large estates of executive homes. There are simply not enough truly affordable homes – affordable to those on local wages and incomes – to go round.”

Find out more about the issues around affordable rural housing and what could be done to address them here.

For more information on community led housing as an achievable housing option for residents, communities, and partners throughout the North Yorkshire and East Riding region, please visit the Community Led Homes, North Yorkshire and East Riding website.