Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility

Safeguarding Week runs from 20-24 June, and will see partners from Safeguarding Adults Boards, Children’s Safeguarding Partnerships, and Community Safety Partnerships across North Yorkshire, the City of York and East Riding come together to develop an extensive programme of learning events, seminars and interactive sessions which all underpin this year’s theme – ‘Safeguarding is everybody’s business’. The full programme and booking details for the sessions are available here.

Safeguarding can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially for new organisations, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve gathered together some useful resources to support colleagues in the sector working with children and adults to ensure service users, volunteers and paid staff are safe from harm.

VCSE safeguarding assessment checklist

This checklist and resources guide has been produced to support colleagues in the sector working with children and adults to ensure service users, volunteers and paid staff are safe from harm.

This guidance will help an organisation create a policy and procedure that reflects the needs of their organisation and their service users.

Resources for safeguarding adults

Keeping Safe Resources – the North Yorkshire Safeguarding Adults Board (NYSAB) has put together a list of keeping safe resources available on the NYSAB website.

Download the list here.

Resources for safeguarding children

The resources below are provided by the North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnership (NYSCP).

Be Aware – a series of North Yorkshire centric and appropriate national resources to provide information, raise awareness and develop knowledge across areas of Child Exploitation.

Safeguarding Children Policy – template and guidance for writing policies/

Policies, Procedures and One Minute Guides

Information for parents and carers

Information for children and young people -the NYSCP also hosts information specifically targeted at children and young people.

How to raise a concern – what to do if you have a concern about a child.

Safeguarding Children training:  Basic awareness online learning –  North Yorkshire County Council and North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children’s Partnership have an online learning programme that gives you a basic awareness of child protection issues and how to safeguard children from abuse.

Be Aware

Be Aware – a knowledge hub designed to help prevent and tackle child exploitation in North Yorkshire.

Social and emotional mental health support for children and young people

Together the NHS North Yorkshire CCG and North Yorkshire County Council have launched a new pool of resources which have been developed with partners and young people to help children and young people and their parents, carers and professionals’ access mental health support in North Yorkshire.

A Young Person’s guide to Mental Health Support. A resource created and designed by young people across North Yorkshire for young people to help them find the right support, whether it be finding out more information, talking to someone or accessing more specialised support

A Mini Marketplace and a Needs based guidance for social and emotional mental health (SEMH) for children and young people in North Yorkshire to support professionals working with or parents and carers with children/young people across North Yorkshire find the most appropriate mental health support based on a child/young person’s needs.

An animation to raise awareness of The Go-To as a resource to support children and young people’s mental health.