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Attending Community First Yorkshire's Volunteer Coordinators Network meeting helped Carers' Resource explore ways to make volunteering more inclusive.

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Carers’ Resource had their questions about diversity for volunteers answered at the Volunteer Coordinators Network
What was the challenge?

Two staff members from Carers’ Resource attended Community First Yorkshire’s Volunteer Coordinators Network meeting which focussed on LGBTQIA+ volunteers, with the aim of supporting organisations to be more inclusive and diverse. The purpose was also to raise awareness of the barriers people can face and to explore the language we use.

How did Community First Yorkshire help?

While this was one of the regular Volunteer Coordinators Network meetings, this session had guest speakers from the LGBTQIA+ volunteer community providing expert advice on inclusion and diversity and identifying practical ways for organisations to embrace the intersectionality of all in our communities. There was also time for peer discussion and questions and answers.

The topic covered an area of training in more depth than the attendees had previously accessed. One of the Carers’ Resource attendees sent in some feedback after the training to say that they found the meeting very interesting and had specific questions about how to apply the training to their organisation.

Carers’ Resource works with approximately 80 volunteers in different areas of North Yorkshire. This subject can be complex, especially around terminology, which was mentioned by one of the attendees. However, the issue is being raised more frequently and it is important to understand the current themes and approaches, both for volunteers and for the people the organisation works with. As a result of the session attendees are more aware of the barriers and conflicts people face in a variety of settings and understand the need to challenge unconscious bias so that volunteers have a more rewarding experience. In turn, this will mean that volunteers will offer more support and remain longer in vital roles.

What does the future look like?

Because of the success of the network meeting, Community First Yorkshire are now developing a Diversity in Volunteering support session to deepen understanding. We will also refresh our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion resources online.

“Our volunteers are all different and have different motivations. Some come for social reasons, others for doing good. They have a range of different roles. One of us attends the network to keep up to date and always find it useful.”
Carers' Resource trustee
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