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Having a policy review helped Malton Free Fridge celebrate their achievements

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Malton Free Fridge had been nominated for the Kings Award for Voluntary Service and wanted to ensure that their policies and procedures were up to date. They turned to Community First Yorkshire for support.
What was the challenge?

As part of their nomination, Malton Free Fridge felt that a outside view was needed on their policies to make sure that they were up to date.

How did Community First Yorkshire help?

One of our development officer’s helped the organisation to review and update their policies. It was a good exercise for the organisation to put all their policies into writing. The development officer helped the group to see the benefit and sense of having everything in place. The process also helped the organisation celebrate the value of all that they had achieved and how they work.

Initially the three local Free Fridges in Malton worked together, and the Development Officer provided support for all three. After this, each Free Fridge was able to select what they needed as an individual organisation. The project also looked at DBS checks as part of our support.

The project is now secure in the policies that underpin their work. As a result, they are confident in the support that they are offering to the community. This underpins the sustainability of the project, and they can continue to divert waste food from landfill. The community continues to benefit from access to free food in a prolonged cost-of-living crisis. It strengthens volunteer opportunities and provides a warm and safe place, helping with both wellbeing and connections.

What does the future look like?

Because the organisation has a full suite of up to date policies and procedures, they feel confident in applying for any more suitable funding in the future. They know that they can come back to Community First Yorkshire for further support if they need it.

“We had a visit this week from the Kings Award panel. It was very good to feel confident in all our policies. So, a huge thank you for all your time, trouble and patience. It’s furnished my thinking, helped with succession and actually, though against the grain for me, there have been good benefits.”
Trustee, Malton Free Fridge
About the organisation

Malton Free Fridge is a waste food project and has already prevented over 100 tons of food from going to landfill. Anyone can access this service and, in addition to food, they provide chatty tables with free tea and coffee. The project helps people to connect and build friendships and with support from Wesley Chapel they have become a recognised warm space and information hub.

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