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Danby Village Hall is fully wifi enabled, and able to run a whole new range of events thanks to help with funding applications and wifi installation from Community First Yorkshire.

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Improved wifi facilities means that more people will be attracted to booking and using the venue.
What was the challenge?

The village hall contacted Community First Yorkshire as they needed help with their wifi provision in the building. They wanted to create a community hub and needed the expertise of our digital hubs project officer to help them with a funding application to boost their internet signal. This has led to further digital support and help with an application for the Platinum Jubilee Village Hall fund (PJVHF) to improve access to the kitchen.

How did Community First Yorkshire help?

The digital hubs project officer sourced, purchased and installed the internal and external wifi boosters himself, as well as sourcing the funding for the project. The Wi-Fi was critical because the hall wanted to arrange an outside Coronation event with a DJ, and as a result of having the wifi, the event was a great success. Following this support, the hall contacted us for help with their PJVHF application for capital works because we were ACRE’s approved submission team for North Yorkshire. The application was complex as it required multiple quotes, match funding and significant content writing.

Without this support, the hall would not have benefitted from the digital expertise of our digital hubs project officer and almost certainly would not have had the full wifi hub they have now. They are not sure they would have been successful with the Platinum Jubilee Village Hall Fund application as there were so many criteria to fulfil.

Since the installation of the wifi the village hall ran a very successful coronation event in May, attended by almost 200 residents. It has also led to more bookings from groups and organisations who need wifi to deliver community activity. The village hall can offer up-to-date events and activities and plans to arrange more outdoor events to bring the local community together.

Because of the successful relationship the hall had developed with the digital hubs project officer, this naturally progressed into other strands of support such as helping with the PJVHF funding. The success for the PJVHF application means there are now accessible routes in and out of the hall and kitchen, improving access for all, plus better insulation and energy efficiency.

“Michael helped me with our Jubilee Fund application, which was successful, making me provide all sorts of information, but now I have all that at my fingertips. I am not convinced we would have got it without his help. He is very easy to work with.”
Danby Village Hall trustee
What does the future look like?

The village hall is now applying for further funding for solar panels and roof insulation. They know that they can come to Community First Yorkshire with the application whenever they need it. There is also some follow up work planned in arranging digital skills training for the residents of Botton which is a community that offers opportunities for adults with learning difficulties and special needs.

About the organisation

Danby Village Hall is a community venue, providing a local space for local people to hire.

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