Supporting your groups and vulnerable people in the heatwave

19 July 2022

We’ve heard from local and national organisations about how they are responding to the heatwave. It may be useful for others to know what is happening and for ideas on how you can get help:

  • Check in on vulnerable people: phone calls or visits to those who are most at risk of heat exhaustion
  • Encourage local businesses and services to have water and shade available for those who need it
  • Connect with local organisations to help those most in need: consider people without homes and refugees and asylum seekers
  • Set up a local cooling station with water, shade and sunscreen – consider those working or travelling and unable to avoid the heat
  • Contact your local CVS or CSO to see if you can provide a helping hand
  • Become a ‘ready for anything’ volunteer through the North Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum
  • Put out water for local pets
  • Remember to look after yourself as well as others and make sure you stay safe.

Feel free to share your ideas and activities by getting in touch with

North Yorkshire County Council has useful links and guidance to help you, and the groups you support. Health and Adult Services (HAS) at NYCC has also provided the following information:

Other links and information you may find useful: