Survey – Let’s Talk Transport

21 June 2023
Whether you walk, or use car or public transport, how people travel around North Yorkshire affects all of us.

North Yorkshire Council (NYC) is calling voluntary and community support organisations to help spread the word about their ‘Let’s Talk Transport’ survey with seldom heard groups.

Transport and having the ability to travel affects the lives of everyone in North Yorkshire, and can be particularly challenging for some, for a variety of reasons. The survey asks how people travel in the county and the issues they face, to help inform the new Local Transport Plan (LTP). The Plan will guide the future approach to all forms of transport.

To ensure that as many people as possible can take part in the survey, they want to hear from people who find it difficult to get involved such as young people, those not digitally connected, refugees/asylum seekers, people with disabilities, and individuals who would need help with completing the survey.

How to spread the word

Please share details about the ‘Let’s Talk Transport’ with your networks, groups, and contacts. This handy pack includes copy and images that you can use on social media to help promote the survey. Posters, bookmarks, and paper surveys (with return envelopes) are also available.

Accessible formats

The survey is also available in accessible formats and other languages. Paper copies, large print and easy read are included in this pack for printing and can also be requested by emailing The Council also strives to provide the survey in any format that is requested (i.e., braille, BSL, audio etc) to facilitate people to take part. They will also ensure that anyone with accessibility needs has enough time to respond. Please email to request accessible formats, translations, or marketing collateral.

Please share information about the survey with hard to reach groups. To fill in an online survey, click here. Closing date is 17 July.