Five reasons to join a CEO peer group

19 May 2022

Chief executive officers (CEOs) and leaders in the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector face unique challenges, so having access to a safe and constructive space, such as a peer group network, can be particularly helpful.

Here are five reasons why you should join a peer group:

1. A great way to become a better leader

By networking with your peers, you open yourself up to gain valuable knowledge that will help you and your organisation tackle challenges and see opportunities with a fresher perspective.

2. Support

Being the CEO of an organisation of any size can be a difficult and lonely job. A peer group can be a place to get the emotional support you need from people who understand what you are going through.

3. Learning

One great benefit of being part of a CEO peer group is that you can learn from others in the group and benefit from their experiences – and even their mistakes!

4. A safe zone

As a CEO there are often times when you need a sounding board away from your senior management team or trustees. A peer group provides a safe space to talk through any issues your organisation might be facing in a safe space, without judgement.

5. Strengthen collaborative working

There is incredible value created when similar organisations can work collaboratively. An advantage of a peer group is that you can find out what other organisations are doing and planning, and identify ways in which you might be able to work together to make a stronger offer.


If you are a leader or CEO of a VCSE organisation in North Yorkshire and you feel that you might benefit from joining a peer group, find out how you can begin connecting with peers and building relationships here.