It’s a date… but which awareness day is right for you?

17 April 2024
Campaign awareness days

How to make the most of awareness days for your marketing strategy

There are many awareness days and campaign weeks coming up that it’s useful for us all to be aware of – June is a particularly busy campaigning month! Awareness days and weeks can be a great way to fundraise, strengthen your reputation and boost your social media presence.

Did you know there’s even a ‘Take your dog to work day’ (a favourite of ours) and ‘National Biscuit Day (definitely a personal favourite)?

As an organisation, we use them as part of our marketing strategy to help lift our PR activity. The trick is to be selective and only choose those that align with your overall business strategy. Many organisations provide comms packs with ready made content including social media posts, media releases, web copy and graphics which make engaging in awareness all the easier, especially when we’re all limited for time and resources.

Here’s a few that we’ll be getting involved with in the coming three months. As you can see, there are so many and we won’t be able to give a focus to all of them so we’ll select the ones that are most relevant to our business:



As you can see, there’s plenty of choice. Do keep an eye on our social media channels and get involved: