Our volunteering directory supports volunteering opportunities to boost happiness and wellbeing 

14 March 2024
This International Day of Happiness (Wednesday 20 March), we’re spreading the word about our Volunteering in North Yorkshire directory (VINY) and the proven benefits of volunteering to boost happiness and wellbeing.

VINY is a free, online website supporting organisations who are searching for volunteers. North Yorkshire based charities, social enterprises and social impact organisations can advertise their voluntary roles on the directory and respond to people who show interest in their volunteering opportunity.

This International Day of Happiness, we want potential volunteers to reap the benefits of volunteering their time and skills to charitable organisations they would like to support.

The National Council for Voluntary Organisation’s (NCVO) report states that over three-quarters of volunteers (77%) reported that volunteering improved their mental health and wellbeing. While Action for Happiness shares, ‘Giving to others through volunteering and in other ways has been associated with reduced depression and anxiety and increased personal wellbeing and happiness… Volunteering is one way to actively participate in social and community life, and strongly associated with happiness and life satisfaction.’

Potential volunteers can use VINY to search for opportunities by location, flexibility and cause. The messaging function allows potential volunteers to contact organisations directly and easily.

Jane Colthup, Chief Executive of Community First Yorkshire, says: “When you volunteer, you’re not only giving the gift of your time to make someone else happy, you’re also helping yourself to feel happy. This International Day of Happiness is a great focus for people to ask themselves ‘What could I do to be happier?’ – if you’re looking for an answer, then volunteering could be it.

“Helping others and feeling more connected to your local community is a brilliant way to boost your spirits.”

We interviewed Marie Curie volunteers to hear about their experiences of combatting loneliness and boosting their happiness through volunteering.

Explore the Volunteering in North Yorkshire directory (VINY) this International Day of Happiness .