What Utility Aid can offer you!

5 April 2024

Utility Aid is the UK’s leading energy broker for the charity and not-for-profit sector. As well as helping to secure new contracts with your Electric, Gas, and Water.

Utility Aid can also help with supplier problems, inaccurate bills, advising on renewable energy options, and your journey to ‘Net Zero’.


What Utility Aid can offer you!

Free Bill Checking Service – If you don’t know what your bill means or are worried you are being overcharged, Utility Aid will look over your bills, explain what it all means, and point out any discrepancies.


National Charity Tender – Utility Aid have set up purchasing baskets which allows customers purchasing powers and competitive rates on all gas and electricity contracts.

Here is a video to find out more.


Energy Audits on your Building – If you are looking to start your journey to Net Zero then it is recommended that you have an audit on your building. Utility Aid can offer you this at a reduced rate, click here to read more.


To get in touch with Utility Aid directly, please click here.