Our vision and mission

Our vision is to improve the lives of people living in Yorkshire through more thriving, connected, inclusive and sustainable communities.
What does this mean?

We aim to help support communities to be more:

  • Thriving: our local communities will feel vibrant, prosperous and multi-generational. People will actively want to be part of our communities
  • Connected: people in our communities will not feel isolated or disadvantaged by their location whether in terms of access to services, loneliness, broadband or mobile phone connectivity
  • Inclusive: everyone in our communities will feel welcome, accepted and valued; regardless of age, gender, race or sexual orientation
  • Sustainable: there will be rewarding and worthwhile employment for our citizens whether at the beginning, middle or end of their careers. There will be affordable housing available to our citizens. We will work together towards carbon neutral communities.

We will strive to embody our corporate values of:

  • Professionalism: we have high standards and we are solutions-focussed
  • Integrity: we are open, honest and ethical
  • Consideration for others: we are mindful of the needs of others.
Our mission: we will achieve our vision by championing and connecting community and voluntary groups; providing leadership and practical support; encouraging volunteering and building collaboration.

We know that a strong and resilient community and voluntary sector enables both a strong sense of social cohesion and place in all our local areas so our work is:

  • connecting and championing community and voluntary groups
  • providing leadership and practical support to community and voluntary groups through: training and development,
    funding and governance advice, incubating social enterprises, being both a catalyst and a critical friend;  encouraging volunteering and building collaboration.