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Having a mentor as an objective sounding board has given this mentee the confidence to take their organisation forward.

The Leadership Mentoring programme allowed this mentee space to reflect and look ahead for their organisation’s future.
What was the challenge?

The mentee was matched with their first mentor who had experience directly linked to their application. Just before their second scheduled meeting, due to personal circumstances, that mentor could no longer continue with the programme, and within 24 hours the mentee had been matched with another mentor. They were unsure whether they would end up with a match as great as the first mentor, but they have had such a brilliant, useful, and reflective time with the second mentor that it has reaffirmed their belief in things working out as they are meant to!

The mentee works for a small organisation that is slowly becoming more established. Having outside support from their mentor has been really beneficial. Talking to someone who is not directly linked to the organisation, who can be an objective sounding board and who has experienced many of the challenges the mentee finds themselves experiencing as leader of a tiny team, has been very refreshing.

How did Community First Yorkshire help?

For the mentee, the immediate benefit has definitely been having the space and time with their mentor to step away from the day-to-day, reflect back and look forwards. This helped to formulate thinking and ideas that stemmed from conversations with their mentor and articulate these in a way which gave the mentee the confidence to come back to their work colleagues and Board of Directors.

The mentee still has two more sessions with their mentor to complete the full six-month process together (they have kindly offered to continue beyond the time period as they had a late start). Whilst the mentee is still in this process, it’s hard for them to know the wider benefit, but they already know that the support from their mentor has helped them in cementing their role with the organisation’s Board and understanding how they can make the most of the Board going forwards. This was one of the aims the mentee identified at the start of the cohort.

What does the future look like?

The mentee feels that the process has helped them to put things in place that, in a year or two, will deliver clear outcomes and successes for the organisation, not just for them as an individual/employee/leader.

“I feel really lucky to have been matched with a knowledgeable and personable mentor, who has supported me in reflecting and then devising actions that not only build on my own individual skillset, but hopefully allow me to drive our small organisation forwards successfully.”
Leadership mentee
About the organisation

Dancing 4 Wellbeing provides support, exercise and social connection to people through dance.

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