VCSE Collaborative latest update

31 May 2023

The latest update from the Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership’s VCSE Collaborative is now available. The update provides an overview of the ‘180 Days of Action on Workforce’ programme. Progress was captured through a 180 Days Storybook, which provides an overview of the work undertaken, including how the VCSE sector contributed to the programme. A short video is also available to view where partners share their experiences of being involved with the programme.

The update also shares more information about a joint research project that explores the size and contribution of the VCSE Sector across Humber and North Yorkshire, West and South Yorkshire. You can view the full overview of the VCSE Collaborative’s Meeting which took place on Monday 22 May here.

The VCSE Collaborative meet on a bi-monthly basis. Following each meeting they share an overview of the discussions with the wider system and VCSE sector to provide an update on the Collaborative’s activities. You can view past updates via the VCSE Collaborative webpage.