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Our help with setting up the North Yorkshire Reuse Collective has firmly put reuse on VCSE agenda.

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Establishing a space for community groups and organisations with an interest in reuse to network means that more people in North Yorkshire can be helped to access refurbished items while supporting the environment.
What was the challenge?

After attending a Cost of Living summit in York where the impact of reuse on both the environment and people struggling with the cost of living was discussed, Community Furniture Stores wanted to explore how to connect the reuse space in North Yorkshire so that it would be more effective in helping people. They contacted Community First Yorkshire to find out how we could support them with this idea.

How did Community First Yorkshire help?

Community First Yorkshire met with Community Furniture Stores and FRADE (another furniture reuse charity) to gain more clarity on what was needed, which led to the idea of piloting a North Yorkshire Reuse Collective. After gauging the level of interest in the idea, the aims and vision of such a network were agreed. Community First Yorkshire agreed to facilitate the network meetings alongside the two organisations. Following the process for Community First Yorkshire’s existing networks, we set up the North Yorkshire Reuse Collective, gave it a presence on our website alongside the other networks, and promoted the first meeting.

The first North Yorkshire Reuse Collective Network meeting took place in May with 29 people registered from a wide range of organisations. Without Community First Yorkshire’s support to set up and promote the network, it is unlikely this would have got off the ground as it would have been difficult for Community Furniture Stores to have such a broad reach, and to market the meeting effectively.

What does the future look like?

Community Furniture Stores hope that the network will continue to exist and develop into whatever format is most appropriate to allow more organisations to get involved and use the network for knowledge sharing. The network will support reuse organisations to be able to do improve on what they are already doing and support more communities, and ultimately, for reuse organisations to provide an alternative to commercial companies for procurement and contract work.

“The support has genuinely made a massive difference. I wouldn’t have been able to progress it without the support so thank you. I felt that what I was trying to achieve was understood but also realistic with some good suggestions and things to explore to find the right approach.”
Community Furniture Stores Ryedale
About the organisation

Community Furniture Stores Ryedale is a furniture reuse charity selling good quality, pre-owned furniture at affordable prices.

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