VCSE Health Collaborative for Humber and North Yorkshire update

14 December 2022

The VCSE Collaborative’s vision is to enable the potential and impact of the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector to be realised by being fully integrated into the planning, design and delivery of health and care across Humber and North Yorkshire.

The VCSE Collaborative for Humber and North Yorkshire meet on a monthly basis. Following each meeting we share an overview of the discussions with the wider VCSE sector to update you on the Collaborative’s activities.

In the latest update from the VCSE Collaborative, we learn more about the development of a grants framework which will be used to provide guidance and transparency when distributing funds. We also learn about the new Place Leads who have recently joined the VCSE Collaborative, and how the Place Leads have developed established a VCSE Assembly which is unique to the geographical location and the demographics of the VCSE Sector in that area.

You can view the full overview of the VCSE Collaborative’s Meeting which took place on Monday 5 December here.