It’s time to make time for wellbeing

4 April 2022

This stress awareness month we are launching our all-new VCSE Wellbeing Hub Toolkit to help support both individuals and organisations wherever they are on their well-being journey

Stress awareness month was created to raise awareness of the causes and cures for our modern stress epidemic.
There is a close relationship between stress and our well-being. Stress can have a direct effect on a person’s wellbeing and wellbeing can directly impact our stress levels.

Things like the pandemic have had an effect on all aspects of our lives and put prolonged pressure on our levels of resilience, leaving many of us feeling tired and anxious.
This toolkit aims to provide a guide for you, wherever you are on your ‘wellbeing journey’.
We have gathered resources, articles, podcasts and blogs that give descriptions, tips and examples of how important your wellbeing is and how you as an individual or organisation can work to improve it.

Follow along with our social media all week as we delve into the toolkit and highlight certain elements that you may find useful. Twitter: @CommFirstYorks Facebook: @Comm1stYorks LinkedIn:  Community First Yorkshire

Click here to explore the toolkit yourself