Listen to our green communities series of podcasts

Episode 1 – EV charge points

Colleen talks to Frank Colenso from Hovingham about the Electric Vehicle Charging points they have installed.

EV podcast additional information Q&A.

Episode 2 – Terrington village hall – energy audit

Leah Furniss speaks with Dave Gaskill from Terrington about their energy audit. They didn’t have huge energy bills anyway, but the audit reassured them that they were doing well and helped them pick up on lots of small things which they could do, like not having energy-efficient light bulbs, the slammer on the door to keep the door shut and the heat in, signage for where to find heating switches etc.

FAQ Green Energy Community Buildings.

 Episode 3 – Debbie from Worsall village hall on GSHP and solar panels

Hear from Debbie at Worsall village hall speak about the challenges and benefits of their green energy. They have a Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP), solar panels and smaller panel heaters to help with ambient temperature issues. She talks about their funding, how well they work and gives her top tips to other communities looking into changing their heat source.

How to fund, conduct and implement an energy feasibility study.

Leah Furniss chats to Ray Newton as he shares how, as a community, Monk Fryston and Hillam rose to the challenge of tackling Climate Change at a local level.