Taking care of our mental health and wellbeing

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As a social enterprise, our vision is to improve the mental health of the nation.

Never before has this been more important, so we have set up a voluntary and community sector (VCSE) wellbeing hub.

No matter which sector you work in, the coronavirus will be having an impact on your colleagues and their mental health and wellbeing. We are focused on providing support to your workplace through adapted training and new resources. We will support your organisation to look after the mental health of your employees.

Leadership Wellbeing Coaching

The Leadership Wellbeing Coaching programme focuses on helping leaders within the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector to explore their own wellbeing, identify strategies for keeping well, communicate their needs to others and sustain their journey to wellbeing. The programme combines practical coaching techniques with eco-therapy approaches; comprising four full-day sessions spread across a year in a nature-based environment in North Yorkshire.

Each phase explores, educates and creates action, and is followed up with additional resources that embed the learnings for ongoing engagement and focus.


Session 3: Mighty Oak

Wednesday 6 July 2022

The third session will focus on emotional resilience and creating psychological safety, enabling you to respond with confidence and clarity in the face of challenge and adversity. It will also help replicate and build on strategies that work to maintain momentum in achieving your organisations’ vision.

Session 4: Woodland

Thursday 6 October 2022

The final session will explore how to grow a wellbeing vision to nurture a community within your team, where everyone can utilise connections and communication to seek and offer support. You will define a final plan and actions, bringing together the elements learnt into something greater.

Further Information

The sessions are held in a nature-based venue. The venue for the first session will be Sandburn Hall near York, with the remaining sessions taking place at Summerbridge, North Yorkshire.

The coaching programme includes downloadable resources supporting the learning in between each phase to enable development in the explored topics, as well as a follow up one-to-one coaching session to offer further support upon completion of the programme.

How to apply

Applications for the programme have now closed but if you would like information on future sessions please contact victoria.russell@communityfirstyorkshire.org.uk.

Online Leadership Wellbeing Workshops

As an optional extra to the Leadership Wellbeing Coaching programme, or for those who are unable to take part, there are additional online workshops.

The online leadership wellbeing sessions will benefit leaders looking to enhance their skills, knowledge and resources in a range of topics for positive mental health and wellbeing. The aim of each session is to leave you with greater awareness of simple, effective ways to help you and your team deal with challenges, uncertainty and change.

For any queries please contact victoria.russell@communityfirstyorkshire.org.uk

Workshop: Talking about needs and feelings; brave conversations

Tuesday 22 March 2022 1pm – 4pm

How easy is it to have conversations about wellbeing? Worrying about saying the wrong thing? Unsure about over-sharing or closing down completely? This session will explore the benefits of opening up wellbeing discussions in organisations, teams or with peers, as well as supporting the challenges and fears of holding spaces for courageous conversations. It will support you with a range of resources from environmental and cultural factors to conversation starters.

Booking for this session closes Sunday 20 March 2022 5pm

Wellbeing Champions Programme

This programme is for frontline workers across a range of voluntary organisations who are interested in personal development and will support learners to lead and drive forward a variety of wellbeing initiatives to nurture the growth of your wider workplace wellbeing.

The programme will enable you to learn new skills, share your existing expertise and experience and give you resources to develop longer term with your organisation, allowing the development of a self-sustaining wellbeing network across the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector.

Session 3: Creating a culture of wellbeing for organisations

Tuesday 15 March 2022 1pm – 4pm

Looking at creative engagement and approaches with people at all levels, this session will explore simple and effective ways to enhance wellbeing and help people engage. Focusing on inspirational and effective approaches, using the skills and ideas of the group to find the right fit in your organisation, we will explore ways to understand and respond to resistance in your role.

Session 4: Wellbeing strategies for wellbeing champions

Tuesday 26 April 2022 9.30am – 12.30pm

This session will explore keeping participants well in their role and identifying potential challenges while supporting you to recognise and respond to your own wellbeing needs. It will include strategies for managing personal wellbeing and setting boundaries.

Session 5: Taking wellbeing forward

Wednesday 18 May 2022 1pm – 4pm

The last session will look at how to deal with setbacks, change and uncertainty ensuring the sustainability of the wellbeing champion role. It will also celebrate your achievements throughout this programme and showcase your visions for the future.

How to apply

For any queries please contact victoria.russell@communityfirstyorkshire.org.uk

Benefits of the programme

Here are some of the benefits you can expect to get from taking part in this programme.

For individuals
  • Develop skills and resources to enhance their individual well-being
  • An opportunity to lead on organisational well-being vision
  • A safe and supportive place to collaborate with other VCSE organisations and learn together
  • Empowering staff to explore solutions to workplace well-being challenges
For teams
  • Resources and approaches to enhance team collectives
  • Broaden access to awareness, resources and services that can enhance team wellness
  • Reduce mental health stigma and build confidence
For your organisation
  • Build capacity to grow your workplace well-being approach
  • Greater access to information
  • Increase the resilience of your workforce, enhancing psychological safety
  • Help your employees proactively respond to their well-being needs
  • A tailored approach that can be adapted, by your lead, to ensure sustainability

About the trainer

The programme is led by Where the Mind Grows, who deliver nature-based coaching programmes across Yorkshire to enhance employee wellbeing.

Where the Mind Grows draws on the wisdom of the natural world, to apply effective solutions to mental health, wellbeing and psychological safety.

This ecopsychology approach is woven into the coaching and facilitation of workshop sessions, to offer a different perspective and additional way of thinking and responding to the happiness and health of ourselves and others.